MMH honors Tubolino following retirement
Tuesday, September 3, 2019 - 11:26 am


Judy Tubolino at left with MMH Chief Nurse Executive Ralene North.

MASSENA -- Massena Memorial Hospital honored Judy Tubolino as she retires after a stellar career that began at the hospital in 1982.

Tubolino is a registered nurse with a bachelor of science in nursing degree and a master’s degree in community health administration.

She was recognized for her hard work and dedication to improving patient care during her most recent tenure at MMH following a long career in healthcare that began in 1979.

“Judy has been a huge proponent of improving this hospital during her time with us. She has gone on to ensure that patients receive the best possible care and has worked tirelessly and diligently in her tenure to ensure this,” said MMH Chief Nurse Executive Ralene North.

Tubolino first worked for MMH in May 1982 in the Intensive and Cardiac Care Unit for five years beginning in May 1982, taking charge of the unit from time to time. In July 1987 she moved on from MMH, returning in November 1990.

Returning to MMH, Tubolino assumed the role of Director of Infection Control/Epidemiology and Employee Health, responsible to ensure that strict guidelines were met for the entire hospital staff’s infection control compliance.

She also served on several committees in the next 12 years, assisted with performance improvement activities, and managed the staff in the Central Sterile Department, among many other responsibilities. It was also during this time she earned her master’s degree in community health administration and wellness promotion from California College for Health Sciences

In May 2002 Tubolino was promoted to Director of Primary Care Centers and Practice Administrator with Canton-Potsdam Hospital.

In 2016 she rejoined MMH, this time as the Director of Performance Improvement and Risk Management. She will continue in this role on a per diem basis.

"Judy has been an integral member of Massena Memorial Hospital and made numerous contributions that simply cannot be understated. Her efforts helped create positive change for this hospital, allowing us to offer the best quality of care possible for our patients,” said MMH CEO David Bender.