U.S. colleges that have employed the most Nobel Prize-winning professors

Study.com identified the 10 universities that have employed the most Nobel Prize winners across the United States since the inaugural award in 1901.
Dom DiFurio, Data Work By Paxtyn Merten
Thursday, February 22

Closing the cyber gap: How higher education partnerships empower women in security careers

(BPT) - The cybersecurity field is booming. According to the Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency’s (CISA) National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies, there are over …

Yesterday at 9:01 AM
Education & Careers

New study: 2 in 5 Americans define 'making it' as achieving financial independence

(BPT) - Financial independence is important to 67% of Americans, though nearly a quarter (24%) say they haven’t yet achieved it, according to new research from Empower, a leader in financial …
3 days ago
How worried are workers about AI?
Wysa visualized American Psychological Association data to illustrate the toll AI developments are already taking on workers' health.
Dom DiFurio, Data Work By Wade Zhou
Thursday, February 22
How high school grades have inflated since 2010
HeyTutor used data from ACT Inc., which administers the eponymous exam, to track how grades in American high schools have inflated since 2010.
Wade Zhou
Tuesday, February 20
The newest benefit at top companies: Private college admissions counseling
Good for retention or just a sop to the already rich? The Hechinger Report looks into the growing trend of companies offering private college admissions counseling services to select employees.
Jon Marcus for The Hechinger Report
Thursday, February 15
Demand for these health care jobs is increasing most in each state
Medical Technology Schools found the health care positions adding the most jobs in each state from 2020 to 2030 using Bureau of Labor Statistics data.
Paxtyn Merten
Thursday, February 15
A new partnership paves the way for greater use of AI in higher ed
The Hechinger Report looks at Arizona State University's partnership program with OpenAI and its potential impacts on the student body.
Olivia Sanchez for The Hechinger Report
Wednesday, February 14
In wealthy, educated communities, evidence emerges of a new form of "white flight"
The 74 looks into research shows that when Asian students move in, white families move out, but not for the reason you might assume.
Kevin Mahnken - The 74
Tuesday, February 6
These industries had the biggest swings in job openings
Stacker compiled data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to discover which industries have had the most significant changes in job openings.  
Paxtyn Merten
Thursday, February 1
10 health care industries with the largest share of retirement-age workers
Incredible Health compared medical industries' shares of employees 65 and older to highlight which health care fields need new workers most.
Halle Young
Wednesday, January 31
Student test scores are falling across the world. Is the pandemic to blame?
A HeyTutor data study of PISA's latest exam found that student test scores have dropped worldwide since the COVID-19 pandemic.
Natalie P. McNeal, Data Work By Wade Zhou
Tuesday, January 30

School Choice is the "New Normal"

(NewsUSA) - What do parents really think about school choice in 2024? A new survey by the National School Choice Awareness Foundation sheds light on what they're thinking, and looking for, as …

Monday, January 22

The Rise of Microschooling and Educational Innovation in America

(NewsUSA) - Every child has potential, and all children deserve the opportunity to learn, thrive, succeed, and pursue their dreams. However, following the COVID-19 pandemic, America’s students are …

Sunday, January 14

School Choice: No Longer "If," but "How"

(NewsUSA) - Over the last thirty years, the efforts of parents, educators, and state leaders have laid the foundation for a pluralistic sea change in how we think about the education options …

Sunday, January 7
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Betty Smith enchanted a generation of readers with ‘A Tree Grows in Brooklyn’ − even as she groused that she hoped Williamsburg would be flattened

Eighty years ago, in the winter and spring of 1944, Brooklyn-born author Betty Smith was entering a new chapter of life. A year earlier, she was an unknown writer, negotiating with her publisher about manuscript edits and the date of publication for her first book, “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,” …
Rachel Gordan, University of Florida, The Conversation
2 days ago

How educator Gloria Jean Merriex used dance, drills and devotion to turn around a failing elementary school in a year

When Duval Elementary – a school that served mostly Black and poor students in East Gainesville, Florida – failed the state’s high-stakes standardized test in 2002, district leaders pressured the school’s educators to more closely follow the curriculum. …
Boaz Dvir, Penn State, The Conversation
2 days ago

Forging a Path: Women Welders

(NAPSI)—“It is not for the faint of heart,” Erica Bridges said.   Bridges is a Welding Technology student at Texas State Technical College (TSTC). She was referring to her field of study …
Thursday, December 7, 2023

New Tools Help Teachers Improve Student Literacy

(NAPSI)—Many people don’t know this, but a few short videos can make a big difference in education in America. The Problem The National Assessment of Educational Progress, an organization that …
Monday, October 16, 2023

How nurses' pay changed over the past 20 years—and what it means for the health care worker shortage

Staffing agency Incredible Health looked at data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to see how much nurses' salaries changed in 2022.

Natalie P. McNeal
Monday, January 29

Which states need K-12 educators the most—and in which subjects?

TeacherCertification.com looks at the national teacher shortage and which states need educators the most in which subjects.

Grant Policar
Monday, January 22

What kinds of schools fared the best and worst during the pandemic?

HeyTutor looked at a 2023 NWEA report to determine how the pandemic affected test score outcomes for students by comparing 2019 and 2022 test scores.

Natalie P. McNeal, Data Work By Wade Zhou
Monday, January 8
More education and careers news

(BPT) - Who wants to be the boss? Just 3 in 10 Americans say they aspire to hold a C-suite role, according to new research from Empower, a leader in financial planning, investing, and advice. Out of …
Wednesday, February 21
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