Massena school board makes appointments, accepts resignation
Sunday, July 21, 2019 - 5:02 pm

MASSENA -- The Board of Education on Thursday, July 11 appointed new teaching staff, accepted two resignations, and named numerous sports coaches and club advisors for the upcoming school year.

The board appointed teaching staff including Crystal White, Nightengale teaching assistant, Sept. 3, 2019 to Sept. 2, 2023, $34,456 salary; Katelyne Sharlow, junior high teaching assistant, Sept. 3, 2019 to Sept. 2, 2023, $34,456 salary; Emily Aumand, high school teaching assistant, Sept. 3, 2019 to Sept. 2, 2023, $34,456 salary; Bernadette Frohm, junior high English language arts teacher, Sept. 3, 2019 to Sept. 2, 2023, $68,894 salary; Joshua Jock, junior high special education teacher, Sept. 3, 2019 to Sept. 2, 2023, $44,174 salary; Emily LaPage, Nightengale elementary teacher, $40,281 salary.

The board accepted resignations from a high school special education teacher, effective at the close of business on July 31, and Native American support teacher Robin Logan, which was effective at the close of business on June 26.

Advisors at the junior high include Jay Czajkowski, field experience advisor; Jessica Jarrett, Student Council advisor; John Root, Robotics; Erin McLear and Michelle Trimboli, WEB co-advisors.

High school advisors include Steve Robert, Robotics; Jonathan Hunkins, house manager and marching band director; Chris Lincoln, musical and vocal select director; Amanda Mittiga, Mock Trial and Freshman Academy advisor; Meagan Fontanes, Student Council advisor; Karen Cook and Rebecca Violi, National Honor Society co-advisors; John Croasdaile, Whiz Quiz; Joana Brown, Spanish Club; Joseph Boyle, Spanish National Honor Society; Debra Gainey, French National Honor Society; Sarah Hopper, French Club; Mike Chartrand, Interact Club and Chess Club co-advisor; Todd Kimble, Chess Club co-advisor.

Also at the high school, Patricia Murphy, Art Club advisor; Martha Duchscherer, Community Work Base Program Club; Mike Chartrand, Todd Kimble, Julie Pratti and Eric McLear, 3-5 Recovery Program; Robert Jordan and Murphy Newman, Link Crew/Learn to Lead co-advisors; Maggie Farrell, Andrea Vierno, Carrie Thomas and Jodi LaGarry, Link Crew mentors; Chris Sanchez, Class of 2020 advisor; Amanda Mittiga, Class of 2021 advisor; Betty Robert, Class of 2022 advisor; Jessica Jarrett, class of 2023 advisor; Darci Johnson, yearbook advisor; and AnneMarie Miller, Jodi LaGarry, Tammy Blanchard, Kristin Collarusso-Martin and Peter Bertrand, Cooking Club.

Districtwide, Darcie Fregoe was named elementary Robotics advisor and Amy Hornung Latchkey supervisor.

The board also named numerous fall sports coaches. They include Nick Zappia, varsity football; Taylor Zappia, varsity football assistant coach; Ed Letham, junior varsity football; Adrian Taraska, JV football assistant coach; Thomas Oldenburgh, modified football; Sam Zappia, modified football assistant coach; Jeff Slack, boys varsity soccer; Matt McKinley, JV boys soccer; Zachery Marcellus, modified boys soccer; Ryan Hayes, varsity girls soccer; Michelle Trimboli, JV girls soccer; Mike Matejcik, modified girls soccer; Emily Aumand, varsity swimming; Emily Wilkins, modified swimming; Maggie Farrell, varsity volleyball; Anthony Diagostino, modified volleyball.