Opinion: Opinion of abortion does not contain facts, Massena resident says
Sunday, March 24, 2019 - 3:02 pm

In response to “NY Abortion Law is Sickening” if North Country Now is going to continue to treat its homepage as an editorial page, so be it. But it is irresponsible to highlight unedited letters such as the one referenced above, which mischaracterizes NY State abortion laws in such an inflammatory way. The new law does not allow for infanticide. Although promulgated in the recent state of the union address and elsewhere, this is a pants-on-fire lie.

I understand passions run high when the topic is abortion. But no one is better off when media outlets — not to mention social media platforms — simply pass along things that are incorrect. The NYS Catholic Bishops’ message referenced in the above letter gets its point across without distorting facts. (https://www.northcountrynow.com/letters/catholic-bishops-around-state-we...)

This is an important topic that demands at least minimal research by the media before simply running with statements from politicians or concerned letter writers. It’s called fact-checking. Opinion pieces are just that, and they can and should be edited for blatant errors of fact. I would hope that you would be more careful of this in the future. It’s a disservice to your audience not to be.

Alison Power