Opinion: NY abortion law is sickening, says Norwood resident
Friday, March 22, 2019 - 10:05 am

Thank you to NYS Catholic Bishops who submitted their letter to NCTW concerning their abhorrence of NYS’s new abortion law.

Our nation is considered civilized yet is contemplating making abortion and infanticide completely legal. Babies who survive the abortion may be euthanized, or left unattended. NYS has an abortion rate nearly double that of the national average.

Dr. Ben Carson, African American (politically correct?), has stated that babies in utero feel pain. Having performed surgery on babies as young as 25 weeks, he has observed their reactions. Also, they have identifiable fingers, toes, faces and noses at 10-12 weeks, and a beating heart! Is that a meaningless collection of cells?

He calls abortion barbaric, killing survivors, infanticide. There recently was an article online of a baby born in 1977 who survived and is a pro-life speaker. That especially touched me since my first daughter was born then. Google Melissa Ohden.

WHO lists that there are 40-50,000,000 abortions worldwide today which corresponds to approximately 125,000/day. Makes me sick.

L. H. Barr