Stronger society
Tuesday, September 18, 2018 - 8:24 am

In response to “How to Measure Success of Positivity Project” which appeared in the Sept. 8-14 issue of North Country This Week: I would like to assure you the Positivity Project is not “adding even more rules and controlling oversight for them.” It is a program which guides the student’s awareness of the qualities which make for healthy relationships. Nothing is “thrust” upon the students. Positive traits such as gratitude, bravery, kindness, and self-control are meant to build a strong foundation for all students. Yes, friendships are formed at the very personal level and shared experiences. But we come in contact with many people who are not our personal friends. Today, with bullying being so rampant, the Positivity Project is providing the student with an opportunity to pause, think, and act differently. The measurement you are looking for can only help build a stronger society. Time will tell.