Potsdam Town Council gives final OK to $4.1 million 2019 budget
Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 9:30 am


North Country Now

POTSDAM -- The Town Council has unanimously approved a $4.1 million budget for 2019 that raises the tax rate by 10 cents.

Regular appropriations and other expenses amount to $4,115,640.01.

With $1,855,612.22 in anticipated revenues and applying $63,000 from unexpended balance leaves $2,197,027.79 to be raised in taxes.

That levy is 5.7 percent higher than the levy for 2018, as reported with the presentation of the preliminary budget Oct. 24.

The increase in the tax levy is the figure to which the state-required two percent tax cap applies. A municipality may exceed the cap if a supermajority of the board approves it, and with all five council members –Supervisor Ann Carvill and councilors Rose Rivezzi, Judy Rich, James Grant and Sarah Lister – approving, that supermajority was achieved.

The tax rate will rise by 10 cents per thousand dollars of assessed value, or 3.4 percent, from $2.96 or $296 for a property valued at $100,000 in 2018, to $3.06 per thousand, or $306 for a property worth $100,000 in 2019.

No one came to speak at the budget hearing held before the regular meeting Wednesday night.