Ogdensburg council votes to investigate residency of councilor Shawn Shaver
Tuesday, February 12, 2019 - 11:52 am

North Country Now

OGDENSBURG – Ogdensburg City Council voted to investigate the residency of councilor Shawn Shaver Monday.

Shaver, a Republican, who resided at 610 New York Avenue when he was elected to office in November 2017, has since sold that property.

Shaver says he is still a resident of the city and resides at 603 Rosseel Street, a single-family residence, which is owned by his brother Charles Shaver.

In August of 2018 he purchased property at 46 Loafers Lane in the Town of Lisbon.

Shaver says that property is a camp and that he doesn’t live there.

According to the city charter the office of a councilor and the office of mayor or deputy mayor shall become vacant upon removal of residence from the city.

In a past interview Shaver said he receives his mail at the Rosseel Street address and that he doesn’t believe there should be any concern regarding where he resides.

But councilor David Price, who said he wants to clear the air on the matter since there has been an increase of concern from the public, called for the investigation.

Price said he wants the investigation to have the question answered with finality and will be satisfied regardless of the outcome.

Shaver said he had no problem with the investigation because he has nothing to hide. However, he questioned the timing of the investigation as council had been aware of the concern for a sometime.

Price said that the reason was due to concerns from the public.

Timothy Davis, who seconded the motion from Price, said he wanted the issue settled so the council could move on.

Councilor Dan Skamperle raised concerns regarding the potential cost of the investigation. He wanted to table the issue and speak with the city attorney to find out details on how the investigation would proceed.

City Manager Sarah Purdy said the city attorney would be responsible for the investigation. Skamperle found no support for his call to table the action.

Councilors Davis, Price, Kennedy and Skamperle voted in favor of the investigation as did Mayor Ashley. Councilor Jennifer Stevenson was not present.

Shaver voted against the measure, but said in an interview after the meeting he probably should have abstained.