Massena DPW resumes curbside collection of yard debris
Friday, August 10, 2018 - 5:44 am

MASSENA -- The Village Department of Public Works has resumed curbside collections of branches, tree trimmings and hedge clippings, Mayor Tim Currier announced on Thursday.

Earlier this year, the Board of Trustees voted to modify the program where the curbside collections of those materials would only occur during the months of April, May, September and October.

Currier in his announcement said that as a result of the demand for the service, concerns of citizens and the efficient handling of seasonal projects by the Department of Public Works staff, the service has resumed effective immediately through October.

“We heard from a number of citizens that were frustrated by the decision, and had limited or no options to handle the debris themselves,” Currier said in a statement.

The decision, according to the mayor, “falls into the Village’s efforts dealing with blight and property maintenance.”

“We are asking citizens to maintain their property and utilizing enforcement when necessary, yet an unintentional impact of the decision to pause curbside collections of these materials during certain summer months was contributing to that problem,” Currier said.

The mayor said he plans to ask the Board of Trustees to revisit this issue and consider modifying the branches, tree trimmings, and hedge clippings pick up policy to extend this service in some way June through October, not just the four months it currently is.

“In my discussions with Trustees, we all heard from constituents on this issue, and I believe we can find some room for compromise to ensure we are providing this desired services and do it cost effectively,” Currier said.

The general brush, trimmings, and branch collection program, like other services, have specific guidelines:

• Crews shall collect garden, yard waste and brush on a regular basis

• Garden and yard waste shall be processed similar to refuse, in clear plastic bags

• No commercial dumping of debris is allowed in this program

• Waste shall not be intermingled with household refuse

• All branches, tree trimmings and hedge clippings shall be cut into lengths no greater than ten (10) feet with the butt end placed towards the road. The largest diameter of limb allowed shall be no larger than eight (8) inches. the amount of brush to be placed at curbside for DPW collection shall not exceed eight (8) cubic yards, loose. No branches, tree limbs and hedges removed by a commercial business shall be placed at curbside for collection by DPW. Root balls shall be removed from all brush and hedges and disposed by owner.

Village officials say they remind residents that they are still able to dispose of their own waste at a village-owned dump site. Waste must be inspected by the Department of Public Works, 85 Robinson Road. A waste voucher must be issued and is required prior to dumping (for debris taken to drop off by private means).

For more information, go to:, or call Public Works at: 315-769-6823.