Leaves in much of St. Lawrence County at or approaching peak color
Friday, October 13, 2017 - 2:38 pm

Leaves in the Thousand Islands-Seaway region are approaching peak color for the year, while elsewhere in St. Lawrence County color is approaching 50 to 75 percent change, according to iloveny.com.

In the Adirondacks area of the county there are some pockets of past peak and peak foliage. In the St. Lawrence River Valley some pockets are near peak some pockets are at peak. Leaves are red, yellow and green and are of average brilliance.

"In the Thousand Islands-Seaway region, Alexandria Bay foliage reporters in Jefferson County are calling for peak foliage this weekend with nearly complete leaf transition and brilliant red, orange and gold leaves. Color change in St. Lawrence County will range from 50-75 percent," the website says.

The Foliage Network says this coming weekend "looks to be a great time to check out the fall color in much of the Northeast." They say the higher elevations in the Adirondacks are past peak.

In Northern Franklin County, spotters in Malone are expecting peak foliage for the area this weekend with 65 percent color change.

"Deep reds and maroons are showing up amid the yellows and greens this week. Spotters in Saranac Lake expect peak foliage this weekend with 90 percent color change and muted to average shades of red, orange and yellow," according to iloveny.com. "In the Tupper Lake and Mt. Arab areas, some bright color - unusual for this time of the season - has emerged over the past few days. This weekend, foliage will be past peak with 95 percent color change and clusters of golden yellow, russet, pumpkin and burnt orange leaves with intermittent hues of scarlet and burgundy."