DEC proposes stronger deer-feeding prohibitions in St. Lawrence County & rest of NY
Tuesday, August 13, 2019 - 9:56 am

The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is accepting comments through Sept. 1 on a proposal for feeding wild deer and moose and the use of 4-Poster devices.

The proposal strengthens and clarifies the existing prohibition on intentional wild deer and moose feeding, according to a DEC.

Prohibiting wild deer and moose feeding is a best management approach to reduce risks associated with communicable wildlife diseases, minimize conflicts with deer, and protect wildlife habitats, DEC said.

The proposal also requires products packaged to be sold as a food or attractant for deer or moose carry a clear label stating that such use is illegal in New York.

It would continue to provide appropriate exceptions for wildlife plantings, agricultural practices, livestock husbandry, and research and nuisance abatement actions permitted by DEC.

Additionally, this proposed rule defines the application procedures and conditions for issuing a permit to use a 4-Poster Tickicide, including the requirement that automated feeding devices used with a 4-Poster be used only in the context of a comprehensive management approach that also addresses local deer abundance.

Visiter and dee Feeding of wild deer and moose, use of 4-Poster devices section for the full proposal and instructions on how to provide comments.