Canton school board approves appointments, resignations
Wednesday, March 13, 2019 - 5:42 pm

CANTON — The Canton Central School Board of Education approved several appointments and resignations at its March 7 meeting.

• Linda Smith resigned from the position of long-term teaching assistant, effective March 4.

• Clerks and inspectors for the 2019 annual budget vote on May 21 were approved. They included Janyce Frank, chief inspector; Autumn F. Brown, clerk, BOE; Diane K. Casey, Joyce A. Wood, Linda S. Hollenbaugh and Caitlin Gollinger, inspectors; Kay Walton and Tari L. Briggs, alternate inspectors.

• Allison Bond was appointed long-term substitute for teaching assistant Connie Bessette, effective retroactively to March 5, 2019 through about April 1, 2019, at a rate of $11.10 per hour for the first 10 days (to be paid $112 per day retroactive to the first 10 days, which does not included when school is in session).

• Samuel Bradman was approved to coach varsity lacrosse this spring at a stipend of $4,031.

• Randall Brown was appointed the varsity softball coach at a stipend of $5,208.

• Matthew Caufield was appointed varsity baseball coach at a stipend of $5,208.

• Kacie Wentworth was approved as an unpaid assistant modified coach.

• Deborah Lyndaker was appointed as an assistant boys and girls track coach at a stipend of $2,416.

• Food service assistance managers (pro-rated stipend for 2018-19 school year) Bonnie Ashley, elementary school; Jeanette Daniels, middle school; Judy McMartin, high school.

• Substitutes that were approved to teach for positions they are qualified for include Meghan Bristol, Ashley Goodfrey, Lisa Holmes, Nicklaus Messerschmidt, Riley Naclerio, Sabastian Newman, Madison O’Shea, Amanda Sagriff, Ina Sanderson, and Samantha Sherwood.