Canton, Potsdam, Parishville, Brasher and Massena swimmers honored in IMX Challenge
Tuesday, January 15, 2013 - 11:41 am

 Northern TRIBS Swimming members at last weekend’s Chris Goody IMX Challenge (from left to right): Julia Domena, Ananya Gupta, Lavanga Gupta, Jacob Anderson, Caera Stone, and Bella Jaskowski.

Ten of the Northern TRIBS Swimming Club’s competitors from Canton, Potsdam, Parishville, Brasher, Massena and Malone earned recognition in the Chris Goody Mini- Meet and IMX Challenge Jan. 12 -13 in Schenectady:

• Lavanga Gupta, 18th for girls 9 & under

• Jacob Anderson, 9th for boys 9 & under

• Julia Domena, 1st for girls 10 years old

• Bella Jaskowski, 10th for girls 10 years old

• Caera Stone, 14th for girls 10 years old

• Ananya Gupta, 16th for girls 10 years old

• Breanna Anderson, 23rd for girls 12 years old

• Martin Stone, 9th for boys 13 years old

• Angelina Domena, 10th for girls 14 years old

• Alyssa Clifford, 3rd for girls 18 years old.

Four members also participated in the Mini-Meet: Elizabeth Bascom, 11th in the 50yd Breaststroke for girls 11 & under; Madalyn Bascom, 13th in the 25yd Backstroke for girls 8 & under; Lavanga Gupta, 18th in the 25yd Breaststroke for girls 8 & under; Ananya Gupta, 17th in the 50yd Butterfly for girls 9-10 years old.

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