Opinion: Insulting to lump all Republicans together, says Ogdensburg resident
Wednesday, March 25, 2020 - 11:20 am

In response to “Opinion: Republicans Blame Everything on Democrats, says Massena woman” I find it comical that the opinion is that Republicans blame everything on Democrats when the reality of it is that Democrats and Liberals blame absolutely everything on President Trump.

Having a bad day, blame Trump. Your teeth aren't white enough, blame Trump. It's 32 degrees in December instead of 31, blame Trump.

The ridiculous Trump blame game is exactly why people take to blaming Democrats and has nothing to do with the president or his rhetoric.

Imagine the gaul of somebody to defend themself after being constantly berated and belittled in the mainstream media. How dare he. Pffft. Please.

For those of us who actually pay attention and read from a multitude of news sources I find it insulting for someone to lump all Republicans together as one brain thinking the same way.

It’s exactly this type of nonsense and close minded hatred towards someone else's opinion that will get the president another 4 years. When all else fails then try to make Republicans and Trump supporters look stupid, right?

Seems to be working so far. Give me a break. If all you can do is spew divisiveness then just quarantine your mouth behind your walls and don't let it leak out of your computer screen.

Nick McGill