Two saved after car drives into river at Wanakena Beach
Monday, August 6, 2018 - 12:09 pm

Divers stand on the submerged vehicle at left after the rescue as residents watch from the dock at Wanakena beach.  Photo submitted by Allen Ditch.

WANAKENA -- A car accidentally drove into the Oswgatchie River at the Wanakena Beach on Saturday and the two occupants were taken to Clifton-Fine Hospital.

According to witness Allen Ditch, the car entered the river at a point where it was deep enough to immediately float the car into deeper water.

“A Wanakena resident on a dock directly across from the accident reacted quickly swimming out to the car and worked with the occupants to open a window/door,” Ditch said in an email.

“One occupant reportedly escaped before the car quickly sank, front end first. The second occupant went down with the car, but luckily escaped through a rear window, popping to the surface and helped to the Wanakena shore,” he said.

Star Lake Fire and Rescue quickly arrived and the occupants were taken to Clifton-Fine Hospital.

The hospital could supply no information on their condition.