St. Lawrence County seeks first time home buyers to participate in survey
Sunday, August 11, 2019 - 6:00 pm

St. Lawrence County is seeking input from First Time Home Buyer Program participants, specifically those who have received down-payment assistance.

The county Planning Office and the North Country Housing Council encourage program participants to take an online survey at the North Country Housing Council Facebook page to measure the impacts of the First Time Home Buyer Program on an individual and community scale.

North Country Housing Council Executive Director Annette Bowman believes the survey will “help the First Time Home Buyer Program invest in St. Lawrence County’s future and communities.” This will be the first survey conducted by the county about the program. The information gathered in this survey can help improve the First Time Home Buyer class and applications for Direct Homeownership Assistance Program grants.

The survey can be found online at The survey takes about 15 minutes and does not require a Facebook account. It consists of basic demographic information, course content, and homeownership questions.

The survey will be extended until Friday, July 19th. If questions remain about the survey, contact Planning Office Intern Catherine Buck at [email protected] or (315)379-2292, ext. 2043.