Potsdam Library has ideas for community to make more use of Town Hall kitchen
Friday, March 16, 2018 - 12:01 pm


POTSDAM – The Potsdam Library might be adding kitchen implements to its loan sign-out program.

Adult Programming Coordinator Maggie McKenna described the program this week to the Potsdam Town Council promoting more use of the kitchen in Town Hall, including making available the needed tools to prepare food that the kitchen does not now have.

The library would use its existing lending system to track the tools.

McKenna proposed expanding “the opportunity for the town o use the kitchen more” in the kind of space the library does not have and that the general public can make more use of, such as businesses that might want to interview several job candidates in a space the business might not have, community groups to use for events, or cooking programs for kids.

McKenna said the tools can come from donated implements or bought with grant money, and the library would take responsibility for keeping track of the tools. A group would make a deposit for the tools and perhaps to ensure cleanup afterward.

“It’s a great possibility to make more use of the kitchen,” She said.

She stressed it was just an idea at this point but that discussion so far has been met with enthusiasm.

Councilors said they would discuss the idea.