Ogdensburg Key Club does volunteer cleanup at Foxwood Mausoleum
Tuesday, August 13, 2019 - 5:35 pm

Ogdensburg Free Academy Key Club Vice President Sloane Ryan is shown removing weeds at the Foxwood Mausoleum. Photo submitted by Jim Reagen.

OGDENSBURG -- Members of the Ogdensburg Free Academy Key Club recently volunteered their time by helping to tend the gardens at the Foxwood Mausoleum just outside the city.

“When our members heard that the grounds were being cared for by volunteers who needed help keeping up with the weeding, we decided we ought to help,” said OFA Key Club President Anton Skamperle, an incoming OFA senior, who organized the summer event.

“Our membership is getting ready for another school year. We want to send the message that giving back to your community is a year round commitment – even during the summer,” said Skamperle.

Skamperle said that he hopes parents of OFA high school students will encourage their children to get more involved in their community by joining the OFA Key Club when school resumes in September.

“The Ogdensburg Key Club has been consistently ranked as one of the top student service organizations in New York State and the nation because our members lead our organization, develop its service program and work together to make it successful,” said Ogdensburg Kiwanis Club Advisor Jim Reagen.

“We partner with our sponsoring Kiwanis Club, the junior high Builders Club and the elementary school’s K-Kids to make a difference for the better in our community.”