Opinion: Why would more laws make USA more safe, asks Rensselaer Falls resident
Monday, June 4, 2018 - 9:42 am

To the Editor:

In response to the May 19-25 North Country This Week Letter to the Editor “Vote Democratic to Remove Guns from USA,” where the writer made a straw man posing Trump, the GOP, and the NRA as a boogie man that should be dispensed with to save our country and children. I disagree.

I am no supporter of Trump. I did not vote for him. Nor am I a Republican. I am an independent who supports the Constitution, not political parties. I believe in fair play, and the rule of law that states one is innocent until proving guilty.

The case of Trump’s alleged collusion with Putin is based on a false dossier paid by the Democratic party that lead to an Federal investigation that never should have happened. Over a year has passed, and no solid evidence has been brought forth to convict him. Instead, what has been revealed is a series of illegal extra-ordinary judicial procedures performed by the justice department, the FBI, and the DNC for the purpose of ensnaring Trump on specious charges.

If the writer insists on continuing on investigating Trump for alleged wrongdoing, I would ask him where was he when Hillary Clinton got off Scott-free with possessing an illegal server that held US government correspondence. Are you ok with her lawyers and her staff erasing all data on her computers before turning it over to the authorities?

Do you think the average citizen would get the same consideration if accused of the same crime? I don’t think so. What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander. Permitting legal exceptions in Hillary’s case, yet looking for non-existent crimes for Trump in the hope of finding other secondary incriminating actions means no equal justice for everyone else. Such inconsistency turns justice into a witch-hunt instead.

The Democratic party’s obsession with regulating guns to the point of all but banning them makes them more in league with the former communist regimes that murdered 100 million of their own unarmed citizens. I would take Democrats more seriously if their representatives were not protected by 24-7 armed security, paid by our taxes, of which us average citizens and our children at public schools do not enjoy.

If they do not have faith in the very gun laws they pass by having armed protection, then why should we believe that such laws will make us safer?

Ron Shirtz

Rensselaer Falls