Opinion: Vote to keep St. Lawrence County financial progress going, legislator says
Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 6:44 am


I would like to thank all the Conservative and Republican voters that took time Sept. 13 to cast their primary votes for me in our decisive victory over my opponent. I had run against Russ several years ago when at the time he was a Democrat. I have watched him run for several different officers as a Conservative, as well now a Republican.

As we now head into the general election, I once again am asking for everyone’s support so we can keep up the excellent progress we have made with turning this county’s financial picture around. The difference between Russ in the primary and my general election opponent is that Russ had no record of voting.

My new opponent points directly to the airport expansion as on of the main accomplishments when talking about his leadership role on the board of the OBPA. I encourage all voters in District 2 to ask serious questions about the tenure of the OBPA for my opponent. How does the financial picture as of the end of 2017 for the Bridge and Port compare to that of St. Lawrence County?

How would OBPA pay the contractor Murnane Building Contractors Inc. monies owed to them, approximately $1.3 million, if they had no found an apparent loophole in the contract? In my business world, if you hire a contractor to perform a job and they come in ahead of time and under budget, you gladly pay what is owed.

My opponent also touts that, under his leadership role with OBPA, he has learned how to engage with businesses. My experience over the last 30 years has been how to start and run business. Through even the toughest economic times, and one of the least business friendly states, we have been able to grow and expand.

There are certainly differences between my opponent and myself. I ask everyone to do your homework. It has been my honor to serve with this fine group of legislators on the current board for the last 4 years. Once again, I am asking all voters in District 2 for your support in the upcoming November election. Results and records do matter.

David W. Forsythe

District 2 legislator