Opinion: Use brain and muscles to help one another, says Parishville resident
Monday, April 9, 2018 - 9:30 am

To the Editor:

I attended the public hearing in Hopkinton on March 28th concerning their proposed wind law. All that I recall hearing that evening from the pro turbine supporters was concerning getting money and jobs.

What we really need is to develop more of the resources we have been blessed with in this area. With diligence and common sense, we can use our brains and muscles to teach and help one another to use opportunities in ways that do not waste or pollute our resources.

Then more of us will be producers and servers, not just consumers. That would be real wealth to our souls and our community, wealth that lasts and multiplies.

It would also help if we could somehow stop the corruption that drains our tax dollars into the hands of those who already have more money than they need.

But what we need the most is God’s Spirit living and ruling in our hearts.

Some day the comfortable beds we made for ourselves, the things we bought and did with our money, will be no more. Some day the wind turbine syndrome or whatever pain and hardships we experience in this world will end. Some day the turbines will cease to turn, whether it is from wear or fire or storm or flattened by bombs. Someday we’ll leave it all behind and will answer to our Creator for what we’ve done.

The supporters of the project accuse those who oppose it of giving misinformation. Maybe you don’t believe the turbines have negative physical, environmental, and economic impacts. But surely, you must realize that they pose a risk. Even the wind company admits it when they have to.

I wish all of you the best—love, joy peace, and all the goodness that comes from yielding your whole heart and life to the Savior, who loved you enough to die for you in order to give you everlasting life.

Rachel Martin