Opinion: Lowville wind farm visit was dog and pony show, says Hopkinton resident
Monday, November 6, 2017 - 10:00 am

To the Editor:

On Oct. 28 I had the opportunity to travel to Lowville to bear witness to the utter tragedy of their massive 195 wind turbines. Never have I seen such a pristine and stunning area so defiled and destroyed by these massive structures. other wind farms pale in comparison.

It was as anticipated a "dog and pony" show and we were told exactly what they wanted us to hear. The speaker is a leaseholder himself/the town supervisors of Lowville and Martinsburg were in attendance touting the many benefits the money has brought their townships. Money was the obvious motivator.

Without huge tax subsidies from New York State paid for by every taxpayer in this state these projects would be impossible. Yes, you and I in essence are helping to pay for a billion dollar company from Spain to mar our beautiful landscapes/destroy many birds and bats and our peace and quiet in our area. There is a surcharge on all light bills that helps to subsidize these projects but is not identified as such on the bill big surprise there.

What they failed to show us or mention was the true nature of so many important things. No one pointed out the massive shadows these monsters produce; however we noticed many, many homes had their curtains/drapes drawn completely in the middle of the day. But, we did notice the huge shadows on our own. No one showed us a residence where anyone has to live in the midst of it all. We were taken to an empty home used on occasion by wind tower workers. No one explained why 40 turbines were proposed but now there are 195 turbines and it is expanding again we were told. Ah, more money -- it is not rocket science.

We were informed by a local restaurant owner that the cell phone and television reception is sporadic and often poor. For all who have given up their landline phones this must be a real threat when cell service is unreliable. The owner also spoke of his prized golden retriever dogs bearing stillborn and deformed puppies. Before the towers were erected his dogs had healthy litters of pups.

It was disheartening to hear was how the streams were affected by toxic runoff from the projects and entire schools of trout etc. died from the toxic waters. Stray voltage was never discussed but it does exist. This beautiful restaurant is now surrounded on all sides by turbines in close proximity to his business. We truly felt for him having to live with all the negatives.

Unfortunately several of the pro-wind folks from Hopkinton chose to leave early and well before the negative aspects were obvious. Why?

This lovely Tug Hill area will never be the same nor will Chateguay or Belmont/Brainardsville. The views and life as they knew it in these areas has been destroyed and people are forced to accept it in the name of the almighty dollar and so called progress.

Shame on anyone who sanctions this travesty. Incidentally the towers we heard clearly and viewed are much smaller than the ones proposed for Hopkinton/Parishville area. It puts a pit in my stomach at the thought of it. Putting these metal monsters of the sky way too close to people's homes should be criminal. Malone/Hammond and Cape Vincent didn't buy into the money or destruction entailed and refused the wind farms in their towns.

We should follow suit and keep ourselves safe and live in peace.

Amber Lindsey