Opinion: LaBaff endorses granddaughter as legislator in District 11
Friday, November 2, 2018 - 7:49 am

I am a former St. Lawrence County Legislator, and I know a leader when I see one. I am endorsing my granddaughter, Nance Arquiett for St. Lawrence County Legislator, District 11. She is an award winning small business owner, and a strong supporter of economic development.

She understands the need to create more jobs in St. Lawrence County. She wants to work with the local business owners and farmers in her district, to hear their needs and assist them with growing their businesses and adding new employment opportunities for her community.

With her experience in starting her own business and as a member of the St. Lawrence Central School Board she has gained the experience to make fair and honest decisions. Nance is a compassionate, empathetic person, who truly cares about her community, as seen in her volunteering and community service.

She has chosen to remain in the North Country, and to raise her family here, and in doing so she has committed herself to making sure that her children will have the same opportunity.

I know that she believes a good idea is a good idea no matter who has it, and her support will be for the people not for a party.

Those are the principles that I followed in my ten years as a county legislator. I strongly urge you to vote for Nance Arquiett, District 11 County Legislator, on Nov. 6.

Ernie LaBaff

President emeritus Aluminum Brick & Glass Workers International Union AFL-CIO CLC