Opinion: Daughter for former Massena Memorial Hospital doctor weighs in on affiliation
Friday, January 18, 2019 - 8:19 am

This letter is being written by a concerned citizen, taxpayer and someone who utilizes our local hospital. I am also the eldest daughter of Dr. Henry J. Dobies. My father was associated with Massena Memorial Hospital for 53 years and worked tirelessly to save our hospital when it was threatened the last time. He is no longer with us, so I must speak for him.

After reading the local paper, one has to wonder what is going on with the town supervisor and the MMH board of managers. This is a board that has been charged with the daunting task of deciding the future of MMH. After years of research, a decision was made to affiliate with Crouse. Then suddenly heads roll as per actions taken by Mr. O’Shaughnessy who wants to take a different path.

One has to question why he is doing this. Is it politically motivated? Is it personal? What is his motivation to affiliate with CPH when countless jobs will be lost in Massena and entire departments that provide vital services to our community will no longer exist here, forcing us to go to Potsdam for simple procedures? How do these actions help the town and the people of Massena?

In regards to the removal of Mrs. Susan Bellor, I can’t state my shock, disbelief and utter dismay strongly enough. I have known and worked with Sue in school, committees and civic organizations for over thirty years. She is the first to volunteer. She gets the job done second to none. I taught her children in school. She was a dream parent taking her children on excursions to enhance the lessons I was presenting. Everything this woman does is to the highest standard. Why would anyone not want her to be the leader of the hospital board? It is beyond comprehension.

My father always had respect for Dr. Maresca, but I can’t help feel that if he could read about the behind the scenes machinations, my Dad would be disappointed in him. Dad wanted what was best for his adopted town and MMH. He had respect for the board of managers, the process and their decisions. Seeing the bullying, strong arming and back room politics would be disheartening and alarming. The town board needs to stand strong to allow the MMH board to do their job and follow through on their decision.

Nancy Dobies Bogosian