Opinion: Career, volunteer experience cited by Hopkinton town justice candidate
Friday, November 2, 2018 - 7:44 am

My name is Debra Pearl. I am seeking support from the Hopkinton voters at the Nov. 6 general election, for the position of Hopkinton town justice.

I grew up and attended school a few miles down the road, in the little hamlet of St. Regis Falls. Over 30 years ago, my husband Patrick and I made Hopkinton our home. Upon the passing of my husband’s grandmother, Nellie Macomber, we came into possession of her historic property on 11B, overlooking Big Hollow Brook.

I believe in the importance of family bonds, as well as the relationships we develop with the members of our community.

I am an advocate against violence. No human or animal should ever be subjected to cruelty or inhumane treatment of any kind. I am also an advocate for children who have been subjected to unfortunate circumstances such as hunger, poverty or abuse. I volunteer and support many organizations that help children. Children are a gift, and providing a safe and nurturing environment for the next generation, is essential for any healthy, growing community.

I am a member of the Parishville ATV Club. I volunteered at the St. Regis Sportsmen’s Cub for 12 years as their secretary. I was voted in, as president of the St. Regis Falls Snowmobile Club where held the position for 8 years. I also volunteered as secretary of the Alexander McDonald Fish and Game Cub for 2 years.

From 1995 to 1998 my sister and I owned and operated Eskimo Inn restaurant that was located in St. Regis Falls.

My education afforded me the opportunity in an amazing career. I have been employed with the St. Lawrence County Board of Cooperative Educational Services for 34 years. I am a medical insurance claims examiner with a certification as a professional coder. I deal with the public on a daily basis.

Through my career, volunteer work, and as a business owner, I have gained expertise and strong communication skills. My work has allowed me to become a proficient organizer, with the ability to listen to both sides of an issue without bias. These skills will aid me in being a compassionate and fair-minded justice.

If elected, I promise voter of Hopkinton, to be dependable and conscientiously and ethically uphold the laws of our great town; laws which have been put in place for safety and protection of us all.

No matter your politics, as an American, please exercise your right to vote this Election Day.

Debra Pearl

Hopkinton town justice candidate