Opinion: Banning of guns will not stop mass shootings, says Canton resident
Friday, June 1, 2018 - 9:30 am

To the Editor:

I find it astonishing the number of Democrats who believe banning assault guns will stop our shootings in America. We had the same guns 30 to 40 years ago and we didn’t have all the shootings we have now.

Also, fully automatic guns are already banned in New York. Criminals still get them.

If we destroyed all automatic guns the sick people will continue shootings with bolt actions and pump actions and lever actions and revolvers.

So then Democrats will want to ban all of those type of guns also because the shootings didn’t and wont stop. A sick and violent person and society will use whatever weapon is available. Removing guns is grabbing a easy answer, but that easy answer is not the solution.

Our problem is much, much harder and larger. Cities and areas like Chicago and London where guns have been banned for a long time have very high killings and murders.

Our problem is not the weapon in the hand. It’s the thought in the mind. Proof of this is the Bible believing Amish or Mennonite societies.

How many murders or shootings do they have? And they can get the same guns we have, but their mind and hearts are not sick and violent. We have way too many men growing up in fatherless homes and way too many men mentally disturbed living on psychotropic medications and drugs.

We need to admit and recognize as a nation we have sank and failed and stumbled. And both political parties are responsible for that.

If we simply believe banning guns in America is the solution, we will continue to have unnecessary murders and shootings, I am sure of that.

Bruce Miller