Cancer Services Program can help St. Lawrence County residents following cancer diagnosis
Tuesday, May 15, 2018 - 6:08 am


To the Editor:

Cancer is no stranger to our community, the CDC reports 114 St. Lawrence County residents are told each year they have breast, cervical or colorectal cancer. Knowing you have cancer is scary but adding the cost of medical care makes it even more so.

A recent Medical Expenditure Panel Survey states New York has the 5th highest insurance premiums, single people pay about $6,614 and families a crippling $19,375. Even with the Affordable Care Act’s insurance options, you could be left drowning in bills when you get sick, even if you have insurance.

The Health Initiative knows screening saves lives and if these cancers are caught early you have a better chance of beating it.

Our Cancer Services Program (CSP) can help, those without insurance even people with insurance may be able to get screened for cancer. We work with you and your doctor to get you’re breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screenings, as well as needed testing or treatment. We want you to call us to see if we can help you. If you are a woman aged 40-64 or a man aged 50-64, we can most likely help, but we may be able to help others too.

We want to make sure everyone knows about the Health Initiative and its programs. Finding cancer early saves lives call to get your screening today! CSP is located in Potsdam, New York. Call 315-261-4760 for more information.

Tracy Moody

Cancer Services Program fiscal manager