Good parenting witnessed at grocery store
Monday, October 8, 2012 - 3:25 pm

While shopping the other day at a local food store, I encountered a young mother with her child. Being that this is a normal thing I at first did not realize what was actually going on besides shopping. As I got closer to this pair I was able to hear the mother speaking: “do you know why I chose this item and not that one?” I stopped to listen to this mother to confirm that I really was witnessing a parent teaching her child about shopping. I was delighted to realize that “mom” was indeed teaching her child about shopping. So I, thanked her for a good job. Mom was surprised by my thanking her for paying attention to her child and teaching her child about basic shopping and economics. So to this mother; as a parent that took interest in how my own children learned I again would like to thank you. I think that if more parents would take active roles in teaching their children instead of being tied up with cell phones, texting, or other activities that our country may not be where we are. So again “mom” thank you and good job.