Intersection issues
Thursday, June 8, 2017 - 7:41 am

Who was the brilliant engineer who decided removing a hill and widening lanes was a good solution to the dangerous intersection on Rt. 345 at Burnham Corners? I'm sure the person’s solution is sound and I agree it is a difficult intersection. It is clear they are spending a lot of money (estimating millions of dollars) on this upgrade. As a commercial driver, I drive Rt. 345 all the time and I would argue the intersection of Rt. 345 and the West Potsdam Road is even more dangerous. I would suggest a short reduced speed limit of 45 miles per four with four-way stop signs and a four-way flashing red light at both intersections would solve the safety issues at both these intersections. This solution would be much cheaper, and the millions saved could be used to refurbish the badly deteriorating roads I see all over the North Country.