Begging for attention
Monday, October 2, 2017 - 6:08 am

To the countless people who tether/chain their "pets?" perpetually morning, noon and night; during all seasons of the year — please consider the following. They are miserable outside dealing with the heat or warm water — if any — or thee cold/frozen water in winter. They are lonely for companionship and interaction. Thus your chained pet cries, barks, digs holes and begs for your attention. If your pet is not a part of your household there appears little to no reason to have one other than to irritate your neighbors with what comes natural to them. That is to beg for your attention. The kind thing to do is find them a home that is a loving home — not just an existence. Have a heart and give more love and care to your chained up pets. It borders on cruel to leave an animal chained 24 hour per day.