‘We’ve had enough! No more taxes!,’ says Potsdam man
Wednesday, April 2, 2014 - 6:28 am

To the Editor:

To all property owners in the Potsdam township:

It is time we stood up and told our local and state elected officials, “We’ve had enough! No more taxes!”

It seems, every time we read a newspaper or watch a news broadcast, that one or another elected official talks about tax caps, tax cuts, tax rebates, or other promised tax relief.

Now let’s look at the track record for Potsdam Town taxpayers:

1. We recently were told our assessments “had to” be raised, resulting in higher taxes for almost everyone.

2. In January, our sales tax went up.

3. If you live in the Potsdam School District, you are now paying a Potsdam Library tax. (P.S. The library now says it needs more money.)

4. If you live in the Norwood-Norfolk School District, you now pay a Norwood Library tax.

5. The voters in the Town of Potsdam turned down a proposal for a new town administration building, but the Town of Potsdam built it anyway.

The newest tax-raising scheme on the table is a tax for the Recreation Department. It seems the village tax payers no longer want to support it. (I understand that their current rate is 20 cents per thousand more than town taxpayers.) I can appreciate their position.

Perhaps the recreation programs can find a way to be more self-supporting. They can consider finding sponsors, charging user fees, and charging admission for events.

The important thing here is that we the taxpayers can have a say in our own tax burden. I urge every tax-paying homeowner in Potsdam to vote NO to this tax increase on April 10, 2014.

You must go to the Potsdam Town Hall to vote. Every person named on the deed (and tax bill) gets to vote even if you are not a registered voter.

Tell our elected officials, “We’ve Had Enough! No More Taxes!”

Paul Wyatt