Sienkiewycz seeks reappointment as county coroner
Tuesday, October 26, 2010 - 11:18 am

To the Editor:

As I seek re-election for the office of St. Lawrence County Coroner, I feel that my mission four years ago, of raising the level of professionalism, increasing communications, and getting back to serving the people of St. Lawrence County is on a roll.

I have raised the level of professionalism by furthering my education within the death, dying and investigating field. I have obtained over fifty credit hours of study on how to properly investigate many manners of death, such as accidental, suicide, homicide, and drowning. When St. Lawrence County was hearing the words “Pandemic Flu, Mass fatality” I reached out for information in regards to how to properly handle a mass fatality pandemic flu situation.

Lastly, with the assistance of other professionals in the field such as Medical examiners, Lawyers, and other Coroners, I have been able to institute a working subpoena to assist all feature coroners in obtaining confidential health information to further diagnose ones death.

I took the first step of increasing communications, with in my first week as Coroner in 2007, I created a form of helpful information that the families of the deceased will need to remember.

These are questions that are commonly asked by their local funeral director.

Although communications with family members are very important, it is essential that the coroner have the ability to work with the many law enforcement agencies, and volunteer services. All which are very commonly seen during a death investigation.

Being a funeral director for 18 years has given me the experience needed to visiting with traumatized families, and the ability to work with many groups of people under stressful situations.

As your coroner I feel that I have been accoutable to the office, dependable when needed, and I have reached the requested destination as quickly, and safely as possible. I have taken this position seriously, and I have treated each family as if they were my own.

Decision 2010 is almost here. On November 2nd I am once again asking for your support and vote as I seek re-election to the office of county coroner.

James M. Sienkiewycz

St. Lawrence County Coroner