Potsdam board shows integerity in decisions
Tuesday, August 7, 2012 - 3:11 pm

To the Editor:

There have been a couple of letters in the past few weeks concerning the new town hall in Potsdam.

They have been negative to the new construction and very negative toward the supervisor and town council members. They insist that a new town hall shouldn’t be built as it was voted down in 2008.

This part of their letters is fact; but let’s take a look at that vote. As I recall on the ballot, there was nothing on it stating a new town hall would never be built. It was vote on a town hall being built on Lawrence Avenue and at the time would have cost, in part, tax dollars.

Was this the real reason that the vote was negative? I think not. If you remember that about a week before the vote the town mailed out the new assessments and no one was very happy about them. The supervisor and council did not have to send those assessments out until after the vote and I am sure the outcome would have been different.

I asked several people after the vote how they voted and was told by some that they weren’t going to vote until they got their assessments and thus voted “no” in protest. Others told me they were going to vote yes, but voted no for the same reason.

I have yet to see in any of the letters to the editor anyone acknowledging the ethical, fairness and honesty of Mrs. Regan as a supervisor and the council for being concerned for the employees that have to work in the town office, The town office on Market Street was unsafe, unhealthy and cramped. Had it been a private business the code enforcement officer would have condemned the building years ago. As you remember the village government wanted nothing to do with it when the town offered it to them but wanted the town to sink money into it to keep it standing.

I personally know Mrs. Regan (not related) and most of the town councilors and know their dedication to their job. I am sure they don’t just sit around the table and try to see where they can waste taxpayers money just to tic someone off.

Being in public office they are well aware that they will not please everyone (including me at times), and will be subject to name calling and belittling; however at the same time they should be acknowledged for the hard work they do.

These are just my thoughts and I am sure they will ruffle some feathers. So be it.

Philip J. Regan, Norwood