Opinion: Town council candidate has questions about proposed campground in Louisville
Sunday, November 5, 2017 - 10:26 am

To the Editor:

I, Roy “Slim” Beshaw, was given a pamphlet for candidate Dan O’Keefe running for reelection, Louisville town councilman.

In the pamphlet there’s a nice picture go kayak docks, where are they located? I have people asking me where they are. I don’t know where they are I tell them, the last I knew from Sept. board meeting minutes there has been no paperwork received for the grant from DASNY for kayak docks yet.

Next he talks bout big project, town owned and operated campground. I give him credit for his time and work he has done on this.

Questions I have are: Have you polled the taxpayers to even see if they are interested in having a camping area off Route 131, Mutten Ridge?

The residents who talked to me about this have expressed no interest or don’t want it. Very few expressed a interest in having one.

It might be a money maker or a money pit — if you can’t get your investment back and cover your operating costs, then it would fall on the taxpayers to cover the cost.

The residents need to know how this is going to paid for, there should be public meetings as the progress and not left in the dark.

I see they had Camion Associates do and have sent a description of the market analysis for a campground in Louisville, if there was a cost for this to be done, how was it paid for?

Roy “Slim Beshaw

Louisville town council candidate