New York State Police important in Sept. 11 aftermath
Wednesday, September 12, 2012 - 3:22 pm

To the Editor:

I noted in your Sept. 11 tribute you basically neglected the largest group of North Country residents not just responding locally to Sept. 11, but actually being there in NYC at the site - our Troopers.

Troop B was mobilized by 1p.m. and a large detail was enroute to NYC. The Troop, and all other Troops in the state, were pretty well stripped to skeleton crews. Members were at the site, Ground Zero, by noon the next day and were working in NYC from Sept. 12 till April or May if I remember correctly. I was in the first group sent and ended up working the last week we were there. If you want first hand info from the people that really responded, talk to your local Troopers with more than a few years on the job.

Bret Martin, Macomb