You’re not welcome
Tuesday, May 29, 2018 - 8:22 am

There has been chatter among folks in Hopkinton about the wind farm. People are wondering whether or not the project is still happening. There are a lot of variables which will determine whether or not the company will be allowed to build turbines here. One thing is for certain, most are not in favor and that will not change. If you have signed a contract, this is a good time to consider discussing cancelation. Some of the neighbor agreements & leases have a section that allows for cancelation with 6 months notice; others may have a different time frame. It is wise to consult a lawyer and find out your options. Remember, the company can sell your contract, put a lien on your property, or use it for another purpose that you might not be amicable to. "Good Neighbors" might not have a turbine planted on their property, but the blades can overhang (they are hundreds of feet long. This is not over until the company cancels the leases and takes down the MET towers. If they go away this time, it needs to be for good, for the sake of all who live in the Hopkinton/Parishville area. This way of doing business, sneaking around and manipulating people into signing contracts that do not benefit them or the community is not welcome. Pitting neighbor against neighbor, meddling in town official affairs, and calling community members bullies for protecting ourselves and the environment is not welcome.