What’s best for taxpayers?
Friday, February 1, 2019 - 6:13 am

I am not from Massena but have been reading with interest the ongoing conflict between Bellor & O’Shaughnessy. I applaud Bellor for speaking out. Too often people discuss their dissatisfaction with leaders, administrators but are afraid to speak out due to retaliation. Unfortunately, unfair retaliation did occur for Bellor. It takes courage to speak out as those running the show generally like people to keep their mouths shut and go with status quo. I have to wonder if O’Shaugnessy is receiving a side benefit for pushing the Massena Hospital merger with Canton Potsdam Hospital. The town board’s only concern should be for the taxpayers of Massena and that they are able to continue obtaining medical care locally. What is best for taxpayers of Massena and how do they feel? Doctors who receive monetary benefits by merging with one hospital or another should abstain from opinion as it is a conflict of interest.