Waiting for change
Tuesday, October 30, 2018 - 9:34 am

I've lived in Ogdensburg the entire 35 years of my life and it has changed drastically in that time, and definitely not for the better. Seems like they have no problem screwing up a budget and at the same time do nothing for their residents. We don't have a theater, no legitimate shopping, the restaurants are few and far between for a decent meal, but we are taxed like some kind of metropolis. This place is an absolute joke being overtaken by drugs, crime, and despair and the powers that be have only one answer...more taxes. How does that work again? Then they question why so many decent people want to, and do, leave. People are being property taxed out of their homes and I believe there are no decent neighborhoods anymore either, because of drugs. Time to start with a top down approach and cut some jobs from those who can't do anything for this city. What a dump.