A taxing solution?
Monday, April 23, 2012 - 4:06 pm

I have read two letters about Clarkson University’s not having to pay taxes by Peggy Brusso and Clarkson’s letter of reply. I think a great answer to this would be that the entire Village of Potsdam and all the houses should be sold to Clarkson. If they don’t pay any taxes, then the whole area would become tax exempt. Obviously, no one in Albany or the county or town would care. The assessor would not have to do that work anymore. If empty boarded-up houses like that old fraternity and the old Congdon Hall are not taxed, then I guess no one else could become Clarkson employees and then their kids could all go to college for free also. This would be a great solution for all the people who wanted to dissolve the village.