Salient points
Thursday, May 24, 2018 - 10:30 am

In response to “Wind Farm Provides No Net Gain For Community” which appeared in the May 16-22 issue of North Country This Week: It was an illegal revote as shown by Avangrid’s lawyer, citing New York State Town Law in a letter to Hopkinton board members on April 24. Your majority exists only within the attendees at board meetings. Not indicative of town sentiment. The pro-wind side has provided town board members with a higher number of cards signed by voting adults wanting more face to face discussion of facts from both sides than the cards submitted by the anti-wind handful. The intimidating tactics referred to are the character assassinations of town board members Steve Parker and Sue Lyon on Facebook by people with no respect for these individuals nor for a democratic process. It’s your way or the highway. You seem to be highly offended by people who have a different opinion than you but instead of interest in discussions you have outrage, bluster and threats. Sad. No net benefits? $38 million to the town, school and county, with the majority going to the town as negotiated by the town board. $12 million paid directly to permanent residents of the town of Hopkinton over the life of the contract in the form of 75 percent of the their power bills paid annually. Within the now current wind law is the requirement of Avangrid to restore all roads used in construction to new condition. These are salient points.