River Road speed limit
Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - 8:05 am

The speed limit from Potsdam to Hewittville needs to be changed. Thirty miles per hour would be nice. With all the sharp bends in the road and hidden driveways it only makes sense. Too many drivers use River Road as a speedway to miss the traffic lights and speed zones in the villages. Not many new poles would need to be erected as the signs could be added to the ones already there. You know the ones that give you a common sense speed limit, for the many bends in the road that most drivers ignore. Too many times I’ve approached a bend, only to have a driver half in my lane from excessive speed. Please, elected officials, consider this. Do not wait for someone to be killed or injured! And to our boys in blue, we do not need a constant presence, but a speed trap now would surely slow things down.