Protecting perpetrators
Monday, July 30, 2018 - 12:42 pm

In the recent case of the so-called “senior prank” at the Massena High School, it seems like the judicial system did a better job of protecting the perpetrators than the victims. In spite of breaking into the school, vandalism, and animal cruelty, these students have been charged with misdemeanors. Their names have been withheld from the press just prior to publication and their records will be sealed. I hope these individuals realize how much they have been protected. Since the perpetrator’s names have been protected, I thinks it is only fair that the public at least know what happened. Are the 3 that have been charged with misdemeanors the same three charged in the St. Lawrence Central School prank? What happened to the animals involved? There are animal cruelty laws! Seems like some people are not truly being held accountable. They will go off to college or enter the work force and no one will know what they are capable of doing. This is not acceptable behavior. As decent human beings, we should all stand up for the voiceless when incidents like this occur.