Prices at the pump
Tuesday, December 18, 2018 - 9:31 am

Each time there is a downward trend in gasoline prices, the price for gasoline between Potsdam and Watertown varies by only a couple of pennies per gallon. It also takes a long time for these prices to adjust to the market dropping a mere cent or two when there is a change in price. When crude oil prices take an upward trend, the difference between gas prices per gallon between Potsdam and Watertown differ as much as $.25 per gallon. These prices ramp up almost immediately on a daily basis sometimes at the rate of $.10/gallon with each price change. During the high market prices, the Potsdam area buyers are told that the price difference between Potsdam and Watertown is due to longer more expensive delivery routes. During the higher priced market times I wish the delivery trucks would use the same route that they use when gasoline prices slump.