Pot ignorance
Wednesday, January 16, 2019 - 10:40 am

Reading the recent survey comments about the legalization of marijuana really proves people's ignorance. They can’t comprehend a few facts and are too blindsided by "the war on drugs" agenda. First, when legal, there is a legal age to buy it, so leave the kids out of it. If a kid gets his hands on it they most likely already have been through a dealer. Second, you are wasting tax money trying to control it; marijuana is everywhere already. Last, the only mind-altering effects are calming people down, which is a proven alternative to other legal mind altering drugs for a wide variety of medical conditions. Someone needs to prove that it impairs your ability to drive. I openly challenge someone to come up with an array of sobriety tests proving motor skill impairment. I would put my money on someone using marijuana over a sober person.