Litter leadership
Tuesday, September 8, 2015 - 6:42 am

How can local Canton university leaders create more village-community awareness and respect initiatives? One idea concerns litter. With the return of college students’ late-night ventures to downtown venues, the increase in litter found in the village the mornings after is significant. Although university employees are efficient at litter pickup on university property, litter left by students on non-university properties is more problematic. Perhaps as a goodwill gesture, each morning “theme cottage” residents, fraternities / sororities and/or other student organizations could clean up the trash and collect the beer bottles and cans found along the paths from their rooms and houses to downtown. Such as gesture could be educative in learning about economic/ecological effects of a disposable culture. It could also be a small sign of respect easily noticed and appreciated by Canton residents. With leadership from university officials, I am sure the students would rise to the occasion!