Level playing field
Friday, October 26, 2018 - 7:52 am

As a citizen who firmly believes in equality, I'm concerned about the climate in Massena during this political season. Addie Jenne's opponent was planning to (or did?) secure a space in the mall, yet it "fell through" at the last minute. Our 116th Assembly District is over 100 miles long and Massena is the northernmost town. I heard that Walczyk had permission to set up a small office of sorts in the mall where he could meet with Massena voters, provide a place for volunteers to gather, etc. This would have made it possible for me to get involved as it is close to me. The more I try to get to the bottom of how it "fell through", the more I suspect that someone raised a stink because of party affiliation. That seems to be the only explanation at this point. Shouldn't we strive to keep a level playing field and avoid discriminating because of political position? I'm going to keep asking and trying to piece it together. I appreciate the gracious answer Walczyk gave when I asked him directly: "I would rather focus on the issues that matter to the North Country." Sorry, but if someone complained this is an issue that matters!