Lack of healthcare
Friday, September 21, 2018 - 6:31 am

I am diabetic. I travel to Florida during winter. I schedule my doctor appointments in early spring when I return from Florida and again in December before I return for sunnier skies. When I returned last spring one week before my scheduled doctor’s appointment, I received a letter from my doctor that he was moving and I needed to find another doctor. I was referred to a local doctor and my appointment was scheduled for November. I asked for an earlier appointment but received no help. No other referral. Nothing! Now it is September. and I just received a call for this same doctor’s office saying that they cannot see me in November and have rescheduled my appointment for January. This is when I’m in Florida. I called an endocrinologist in Largo, Florida and have an appointment two days after I arrive to Florida in January. I must ask local health officials: Is this the best that local hospitals can do?