Junior chefs
Tuesday, December 18, 2018 - 9:34 am

I give a big hats off to whoever came up with the idea for the North Country Jr. Chef competition. Being a pretty healthy eater myself, I cringe at what unhealthy foods are served in schools and that are sent home in backpacks for weekends, mostly empty carbs. We all know that healthy eating creates healthy minds. I await as much information as possible about the participants, their recipes, their final dishes, in short, everything about this competition from start to finish. Maybe parents and kids won't be so against what they consider outside interference in what school meals consist of. This is a very vitally needed program. I find that watching cooking and baking shows and reading cook books very relaxing. If I lived in NY, I would definitely love to be in the audience. Congratulations everyone. I look forward to this story as it continues to the end.