Fear the finger
Thursday, August 2, 2018 - 10:20 am

If you are coming from downtown Potsdam on Market Street and turning left onto US 11 toward Canton, the cars coming toward you are also turning onto U.S. 11 from the right. Folks, there are two southbound lanes. Those of us turning left should turn into the left lane, those turning right should turn into the right lane. And get this, we all can do this at the same time the light is green! If you are turning right and want the left lane, you must first turn into the right lane and then signal you are changing lanes to the left and yield to traffic turning into the left lane. Giving me the finger only shows your ignorance of traffic rules. Please discuss this with young or inexperienced drivers because if they try to drive like this in any big city I fear their finger will not help them.