Blame the politicians
Monday, July 30, 2018 - 12:41 pm

I read the responses to why there is poverty in Saint Lawrence County but no one really got the answer right. There was every answer mention, but the right one. The blame falls squarely on our politicians. Every job killing regulation, every tax, every new law that has a penalty leads back to a politician. If a company like General Motors leaves Massena and goes to Indiana, it’s because a politician made it to expensive to stay here. Our roads are turning to crap, because politicians are letting them. Every unfunded mandate begins and ends with a politician. When a company picks up and goes to Mexico, or China is because a politician in some way or form caused it, or allowed it. Our mistake is that we put our faith in politicians. All they know is how to over regulate, over tax, and over spend and not in the right places either.